2 Cops Dead After Bomb Explodes

2 Cops Dead After Bomb Explodes

(NewsBroadcast.com) – Airports are common targets for terrorists because hundreds of thousands of people flow through them every day. Typically, smaller airports see far fewer threats than their enormous counterparts. However, two bombs recently exploded at the small Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucutá, Colombia, killing two police officers.

On Tuesday, December 14, two explosions killed three people in a proclaimed terrorist attack. The first bomb went off somewhere between the airport’s fence and tarmac. That explosion left behind human remains of the attacker carrying the explosive device.

Soon after, police scanning the area found a suitcase that quickly exploded, killing officers William Bareno Ardila and David Reyes Jimenez, two policemen known for their work safely discharging landmines.

The Daily Mail shared more about the difficult event:

Authorities are looking for two additional suspects who allegedly helped leave the suitcase bomb on the runway. While no groups have claimed responsibility for the attack yet, there is a high likelihood whoever carried out the attack has a close association with the local drug and guerilla gangs waging war in the city over trafficking routes and cocoa production. Hopefully, this is the last threat of its kind this year, and citizens around the globe travel safely this holiday season.

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