Ancient Sword Found off the Coast of Israel

Ancient Sword Found off the Coast of Israel

( – Amateur divers typically head underwater in search of unique sea creatures, a few fun shells, or a relaxing swim amidst crystal clear water. One hopeful diver strapped on a GoPro recently before an underwater jaunt in Mediterranean waters off Israel’s Carmel Coast. Little did he know that he would discover a lost treasure of Israel.

On Monday, October 18, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced that novice diver Shlomi Katzin found a 900-year old sword on the sandy floor of the Mediterranean Sea. The weapon weighed in at four pounds and measures four feet long with a three-foot blade, although crustaceans currently cover it.

Bloomberg’s Quicktake video team put together a small clip about the discovery:

After a picture with his treasure, Katzin donated the sword to the IAA, hoping it would help shed new light on Israel’s history and the Third Crusade. Current Israeli law requires any found antiquities to be turned over to national authorities.

Now, the IAA will restore the ancient weapon to its former glory and display it in a national museum for all to see. As for assigning a price to this unique find, even Mr. Katzin said this sword is “priceless.”

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