Beloved Breakfast Cereal Box Downsized Amid Inflation

Beloved Breakfast Cereal Box Downsized Amid Inflation

Beloved Breakfast Cereal CHANGED Amid Cutbacks

( – Since the end of 2020, inflation has been on the rise, hitting Americans and manufacturers. The crisis has gotten significantly worse since President Joe Biden took office. Corporations that want to stay in business must either raise the price of their product even further or cut production costs; “shrinkflation” is one way they have found to accomplish that without sacrificing quality.

One product that has caught a great deal of attention is Honey Bunches of Oats from Post Cereal, boxes of which now hold 12 ounces, down from 14.5 ounces. That means about two fewer bowls on breakfast tables based on the suggested serving size.

In another area of the house, the toilet paper dispenser in one’s bathroom will need refilling more often (yes, ladies, that means the men in your life will have to pretend to ignore it more frequently as well). Charmin is losing 20 sheets per roll and Angel Soft is dropping from 425 to 320, a nearly 25% difference.

The powers-that-be in corporate America understand that consumers tend to be very aware of how much they pay for things like a box of cereal or a carton of Florida OJ. While at the same time, they pay much less attention to the weight or volume of what they are getting (a.k.a. the unit cost), and so companies get the savings without the backlash.

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