Bizarre Skateboards Sell Out in Record Time

Bizarre Skateboards Sell Out in Record Time

( – Trying to come up with a new product in an overly commercialized world can be difficult for many entrepreneurs. So, legendary American skater Tony Hawk wanted to ensure his latest limited edition skateboard would be different from anything he’d done before. So, this time, each of the $500 skateboards has a bit of Hawks’ own blood in them.

In mid-August, the mountain water company Liquid Death, which cans its water rather than bottling it, posted about its collaboration with Tony Hawk. The company joined with Hawk to make limited edition skateboards with the professional skater’s blood in them. Liquid Death shared a video on Instagram where Hawk donated a vial of blood to the cause. However, it turns out Hawk actually gave 100 vials for use in the 100 skateboards.

Indiana’s WISH-TV news station shared the startling news:

Liquid Death said that 10% of the proceeds from the skateboards would benefit The Skatepark Project, a group building skateparks in low-income communities, and 5Gyres, a plastic-reduction organization that focuses on ocean health.

While this sales tactic was undoubtedly bizarre, no one can deny that it worked to sell the product. The limited-edition skateboards quickly sold out but will likely appear on the second-hand market in years to come.

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