CDC Report Shows Benefits of Natural Immunity and Vaccines

( – Since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been quick to push the jab’s benefits on to people while overlooking natural immunity and the protection it can provide. However, the CDC finally acknowledged the critical benefits of natural immunity against some strands of COVID-19 in a recent statement.

The CDC confirmed in its latest “Morbity and Mortality Report that during the Delta surge from May through November of 2021, people with natural immunity had fewer COVID-19 infections than those who only received the vaccination. While the CDC’s Dr. Ben Silk still called the jab “the safest way to protect yourself against COVID-19,” the federal agency finally admitted that natural immunity, especially in conjunction with the vaccine, has added advantages to people who catch COVID-19.

One libertarian educator joked about how long it took the CDC to acknowledge this fact:

This data only applies to the Delta variant of COVID-19, but researchers are sure to put out new reports in the coming weeks about how natural immunity, vaccinations, and boosters interact with the current Omicron surge sweeping across the nation. Either way, many Americans shared their relief to see a bit of science-backed common sense making its way to the CDC.

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