China Targets Apps for Collecting User Data

China Targets Apps for Collecting User Data

( – China is notorious for its lack of freedom and the Communist Party’s immense control over most aspects of its citizens’ lives. Along these lines, the Chinese government just instituted a new technology privacy law, seemingly to protect its people. But, just under the surface, it shows yet another aspect of the party’s far-reaching power.

On Wednesday, November 3, the Chinese Government ordered 38 apps to immediately comply with the nation’s latest Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL). China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said these apps “collected unnecessary personal information” and must change their practices by November 9.

Reuters shared this news on Twitter:

PIPL not only applies to Chinese companies, but also to foreign businesses that operate in China or provide products and services to Chinese customers. This continuing crackdown on technology companies further isolates the Chinese people from the rest of the world. For example, the same week that this law went into effect, Yahoo and Epic Games’ now-famous game Fortnite left China for good.

Fortnite followed in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. LinkedIn is set to leave in the coming months, too. All in all, China is further siloing its people from the outside world under the guise of protecting them.

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