Daniel Boone’s Name Dropped From School

Daniel Boone's Name Dropped From School

(NewsBroadcast.com) – Part of the Liberals’ attack on history has found new prey to attempt and hunt down and erase from the annals of American history. The equity office of the Chicago Public Schools recently declared iconic frontiersman Daniel Boone to be a “historically egregious figure,” and, therefore, an elementary school bearing his name appears destined to be changed.

Boone is probably best known for his work blazing a trail through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains and being the first to settle in what is now known as the state of Kentucky. According to the Chicago Tribune, the district is supporting the name change, at least in part, due to what is claims is his “relationship with native/Indigenous colonization and dehumanization…[and] being a slave owner.”

However, history records that after a battle to recover his daughter Jemina and two of her friends, who had been kidnapped by a local Indian tribe, something strange happened. A man with such supposed hate of the native peoples was adopted as a son of the local Shawnee tribal chief Blackfish.

When viewing history with the 20/20 vision of hindsight, one finds that those who have monuments erected to them are never the perfect people that legend makes them out to be. In the play Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, the character Marc Antony noted that “the evil men do” lasts beyond their lifespans while their good deed are frequently “interred with their bones.” It seems that the Liberals are intent, at least selectively, to make sure that is how the future will see the past.

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