Facebook Asked to Crack Down on Users Releasing Publicly Available Information

Facebook Asked to Stop Publicly Releasing Private Information

(NewsBroadcast.com) – In 2021, Meta requested an advisory board review its policies regarding sharing “personally identifiable information.” After lengthy consideration, the group recommended that the company not allow Facebook users to share private information about where other people live, even if the information is readily available elsewhere. In a second suggestion, the board advised Meta to set up a place where supposed doxxing victims could better explain any incidents to Facebook for sufficient resolution.

NewsPlayer+ recently shared its opinion about Facebook and doxxing on Twitter.

The company’s current rules allow people to post residential information and images if it already exists in a minimum of five new outlets or is a matter of public record. Unfortunately, this policy can result in personal safety threats and stalking from those looking to do harm. Recently, Author J.K. Rowling alleged transgender activists leaked photos of her private home on Twitter amid controversy about her Harry Potter series.

Given the potential danger to individuals, the board suggested private residence images should only appear if they are the focal point of a news story shared on the platform. There’s no word yet on when or if Meta or Facebook will implement the board’s recommendations.

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