Former White House Doctor Says Biden Is Mentally Unwell

Former White House Doctor Says Biden Is Mentally Unwell

( – Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX) worked as the Physician to the President under former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He recently expressed some concerns about President Joe Biden. In light of the conflict happening between Russia and Ukraine, the Texas lawmaker believes the leader doesn’t have the mental capacity to be “president right now.” He insisted the United States needs a strong leader to navigate the situation in Ukraine. In fact, he stated the “war should’ve never happened” and wouldn’t have if Biden didn’t look so weak to the rest of the world.

Jackson shared his uncensored opinion about the current president on Twitter.

As a doctor, the Texas legislator questioned Biden’s current mental state and demanded the president take a cognitive test like former President Donald Trump. He wants proof that the US leader can still lead the country, assuming he ever could. Considering Jackson spent many years taking care of presidents, his assessment may carry more weight than others without such experience.

Trump echoed Jackson’s concerns in a recent interview. He told Fox News host Laura Ingraham he doubts Biden is watching the situation with Russia. Instead, he said the president is ”probably sleeping.” Trump also attacked the POTUS for failing to speak to the nation immediately after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack.

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