Girl Gets Shocking Surprise on Amusement Park Ride

Girl Gets Shocking Surprise on Amusement Park Ride

( – Riding roller coasters is a joy that many children and adults love. The thrill of flying through the air is one sought after during birthday parties, celebrations, and hot summer days. But, for one 13-year old girl from Pennsylvania, her roller coaster ride turned into quite the aviary experience.

Soon after taking off on a ride at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey, Kiley Holman of Weatherly, Pennsylvania came face-to-face with a seagull. Rather than avoiding the ride, which hits speeds of 75-miles an hour, the seagull crashed right into the teenager’s face.

A New Jersey news site shared the video on Twitter:

Holman told a local TV station afterward that the bird actually “felt really light” and she came out of the altercation with just a small scratch. Holman kept her wits about her enough that she was able to take the bird off of her face after only a second or two and continue with the ride, thankfully without any other incidents.

While rides on the roller coaster continued throughout the day, Kiley told Fox29 Philadelphia that she won’t be hopping on the ride again anytime soon. One face-to-face experience with a seagull was quite enough for her young life, and there’s no need for another.

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