Google Launches New Overseas News Project

Google Launches New Overseas News Project

( – In 2014, Spain passed a law that forced online news outlets to pay a fee in order to reuse headlines or news bytes. Companies like Google’s parent company, Alphabet, pulled out of the nation with this new financial burden in place. However, new legislative changes in Spain mean the major Big Tech player may be returning to its overseas project.

On Wednesday, November 3, Alphabet announced it would reopen its Google News site in Spain in 2022 in order to “provide links to useful and relevant news stories.” This announcement came shortly after the Spanish government passed an EU directive that allows online news platforms to negotiate fees and contracts with content providers rather than pay a collective licensing fee.

Reuters shared more about the situation on Twitter:

Spain hopes this law will help content creators get a fair wage for their work while allowing cooperation with major companies like Google. However, this also marks Google’s continued commitment to globalism.

Some Americans and monopoly experts expressed concern about the tech giant’s far-reaching influence, especially as it makes its way back into Europe. Is this an example where Big Tech is helping people make a better living, or is simply extending its reach, influence, and bottom line?

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