GOP Planning Giant Wave of Subpoenas

GOP Planning Giant Wave of Subpoenas

( – President Joe Biden’s son Hunter became a prominent figure in the 2020 presidential election for his connection to high-level officials of the People’s Republic of China and Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company. During that time period, left-leaning media did a masterful job of deflecting, denying, and burying any controversies about him, his laptop, and ANYTHING that may have splashed over onto his soon-to-be president father. In response, the GOP is sending out subpoenas.

Talk or Be Subpoenaed

The Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee recently issued letters to current and former CIA officials. This move revolves around a blockbuster exposé published in late October 2020 by the New York Post that discussed emails found on a laptop that reportedly once belonged to the younger Biden. The emails showed he introduced his father to an executive from a company where he served as a board member.

The letter references a public statement signed by 51 intelligence officials that said the emails had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” However, now that the New York Post article has been vindicated, it would like to talk to them, under oath, as to why they put their professional backing behind what now appears may have been an attempt to shield a man who was trying to get elected to the highest office in the land.


In what should have been the election’s “October surprise,” the story was instead considered debunked by those who wanted to see President Donald Trump deposed from office at any cost. One of Hunter Biden’s emails was received from Vadym Pozharskyi — reportedly the third-ranking executive at Burisma — thanking him “for inviting me to DC and giving [me] an opportunity to meet your father.”

Not long after that, then-Vice President Joe Biden told former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that unless a prosecutor who was investigating his son and the company was removed from office, the United States would cancel $1 billion in loan guarantees. When ex-President Trump contacted the current government to ask them to investigate the situation, THAT became a scandal, and the Bidens’ involvement became a conspiracy theory.

Major social media player Twitter blocked its users from sharing the article on feeds and suspended the New York Post’s account for refusing to delete tweets about it, saying the article violated misinformation policies. Twitter founder and then CEO Jack Dorsey later conceded the platform’s decision to ban the article was “wrong.” Facebook also tried to slow the article’s spread.

If the allegations surrounding Hunter Biden prove true, do you think the president’s son and individuals who worked to bury the story will ever face the full weight of the prosecutorial powers of the government, as Conservatives have?

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