Hospitals That Allegedly Let Patients Die May Be Finally Exposed

Hospitals That Allegedly Let Patients Die May Be Finally Exposed

These Accused Negligent Hospitals May Finally Get What They Deserve

( – In 2021, at the height of the pandemic, President Joe Biden admitted he’d lost patience with those who refused vaccination against COVID-19 as he mandated federal workers and contractors to receive the immunization if they wanted to keep their jobs. At the same time, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the FDA were handing down instructions to hospitals nationwide on how to properly treat people with the virus.

Unfortunately, many of those infected died, and the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF) believes some of those failed cases were due to what they refer to as the “death protocols.”

Hospital Treatment

The FFFF has collected hundreds of stories from family members who lost loved ones during the pandemic. Media Director Carolyn Blakeman called them “horror stories” full of unspeakable cruelty. The group alleges those in the unvaccinated population were treated differently in the hospitals than those who decided to follow the president’s directive. In fact, the organization is building a database it plans to fill with testimonies about how their loved ones were treated, and they vow to prosecute any cases of abuse it finds.

Reportedly, there were many stories where unvaccinated patients were treated with disdain over their choices.

According to The Epoch Times, Scott Schara and Anne Quiner revealed patterns of discrimination against such individuals by hospital staff during their stay and final moments of life. Katrin Crum said that during the pandemic, doctors couldn’t decide on which treatment was best because the government had guidelines everyone had to follow. She said her husband was restrained to a bed with sores on his face from forced masking. Before he died, she said the staff tried to coerce her partner into signing a “Do Not Resuscitate” form while threatening not to revive him if he were to code.

There were other stories from patients whose family members were told they were at fault for getting sick simply because of their vaccination status. That statement alone could make people wonder if there was one standard for those who received the inoculation and those who did not.

Former Federal Prosecutor Brad Geyer wondered why doctors were sedating patients with multiple drugs, withholding food and water, and denying them visitors. He called for an investigation into the matter.

Protocol and Moving Forward

According to the CDC, COVID-19-positive patients are treated with a combination of antivirals and antibodies, depending on their age and severity of sickness. Visitors for patients are typically limited to one at a time due to the nature of the virus. Sadly, when the sick transition to a ventilator, they can no longer eat except through a feeding tube.

Geyer is calling for the formation of an entity that will gather whistleblower testimony so hospital staff will have a safe place to reveal their stories. Perhaps gathering accounts from experts will give more weight to the various stories from families who paid the ultimate price during the coronavirus pandemic.

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