How to Find Financial Support in Tough Times

Find The Financial Support You Need For Tough Times — Ultimate Guide

( – Anyone can quickly find out what government grants, loans, and assistance for which they might qualify by completing a quick quiz offered by the US government. Visiting and completing the quiz generates a list of programs based on the quiz taker’s answers and links to apply for each program.

A Quick Qualifying Quiz Leads You to the Right Government Programs

Depending on the answers and the number of programs for which the individual qualifies, completing it could take as little as 10 minutes or as long as 30. The quiz results provide a list of programs related to health care and medical assistance, financial assistance, disaster relief, loan programs, and tribal programs and link to their applications.

The quiz also provides results for programs related to food and nutrition, family services, career development, immigration, refugee assistance programs, and much more. This quiz portal also includes grant programs, veterans’ educational and medical information, and retirement-related programs like Social Security.

Easy Navigation Makes It Simple to Use

Clicking on the yellow button that reads, “Start Benefit Finder,” begins the process. The quiz asks one question per screen, typically and advances when the user clicks the large yellow button at the bottom of the screen.

Using the benefits finder quiz offers a major benefit in itself. The quiz taker might not realize they qualify for some programs. It can also help people discover programs they might not know exist.

An Example of How the Quiz Helps

For example, a farmer with crops decimated by drought might visit the benefits quiz to find out the disaster relief programs available to agricultural businesses. Because the quiz asks questions about age, family composition, children’s educational plans, etc. the farmer finds out that their family also qualifies for SNAP assistance, and their oldest child qualifies for both college grants and loans. By taking the quiz, the farmer finds the agricultural-related information desired and other important programs that provide the family with important resources that let them continue to eat well and keep their child’s educational plans on track, despite losing the majority of the family’s annual income to crop loss.

A Chatbot Answers Your Questions

If the quiz taker gets stuck on a quiz question or needs help filling out an application, the Benefits Bot can help. Although the site doesn’t administer benefits, it does answer questions about the various program applications. A chatbot in the lower right corner of the website handles questions as they come up. The automated bot offers multiple-choice options and a text area where you can type a question.

The Quiz Doesn’t Include Coronavirus Resources

Since Coronavirus resources represent temporary programs, the benefits site doesn’t include them in the quiz. does list them though. Locate the major topics via these links:

Some of the links lead to program websites for the applications, while others lead to pages within the site. For example, the COVID-19 healthcare help link leads to a comprehensive, 11-page list of state, federal, and tribal programs.

Beyond Non-governmental Sources of Aid

Sometimes, the federal government or philanthropic organizations provide large grants to community organizations for local administration. Rather than applying to the federal government, individuals in that local area apply to their community action agency. These state and county agencies serve low- and moderate-income individuals and families with heating assistance through LIHEAP grants, educational programs like Head Start, grants for home weatherization, and money for Christmas gifts.

The US government benefits quiz makes finding assistance in financially tough times easier. For added help, The Community Action Agency (CAA) also offers many programs to round out federal programs.

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