Joe Biden Is Apparently Ripping Off a Past Proposal by a Top GOP Senator

Joe Biden Is Apparently Ripping Off a Past Proposal by a Top GOP Senator

Joe Biden “Ripping Off” A GOP Senator’s Proposal?

( – Oscar Wilde once said, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” Perhaps Senator Tom Scott (R-SC) should feel that he has been paid a compliment by President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Order (EO) that takes many of its aspects from the JUSTICE Act he introduced in 2020. Or perhaps not, because as he sees it, the president fulfilled the second half of that quote and created an uninspired shadow of his effort.

Sen. Scott seems to express some frustration in a statement posted on his official government webpage, noting that the Democrats used a filibuster — an act that they now claim is steeped in racism — to block the bill he brought forward two years ago. One of the points he knocked the new EO on is the fact that unlike his JUSTICE Act, which included funding for various law enforcement agencies to implement the requirements, President Biden’s order will “set departments up for failure by issuing unfunded federal mandates.”

The new edict explicitly revokes prior EO 13929, which was put in place by former President Donald Trump on June 16, 2020. It required the Department of Justice (DOJ) to certify all law enforcement departments, assuring their use of force policies adhered to the law and prohibited chokeholds except “where the use of deadly force is allowed by the law.”

As Sen. Scott put it, the new order actually makes it more difficult for police to perform their duties, and the president “has once again fallen into the trap of divisive politics.”

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