Joe Biden Tells Audience Things Are Going to Get Rough

Joe Biden Tells Audience Things Are Going to Get Rough

( – If there’s one thing President Joe Biden is known for, it’s his penchant for gaffes. He’s referred to his wife as his sister and even called a voter a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.” However, he took things a step further this week when he discussed the troubles the hospitality industry is having with getting employees back to work.

CNN Town Hall

On July 21, CNN hosted a town hall event where Biden took a question from a struggling business owner. John Lanni, who owns a restaurant group, asked the president how he would incentivize employees to return to the job.

Biden acknowledged there are issues, but pointed out that the government kept restaurants open throughout the pandemic, spending billions of dollars to do so. Indeed, several aid packages were approved in 2020, such as the paycheck protection program (PPP). However, problems with execution and fraud kept the money from getting where it really needed to go.

To a struggling business owner looking for hope, though, Biden was obviously the wrong person to ask. He speculated that perhaps these employees are looking for better jobs now that there are millions of job openings waiting to be filled.

Not only did the president insinuate that maybe Lanni should be paying his employees more money, pushing the Left’s narrative for a higher minimum wage, he also said, “… your business and the tourist business is really going to be in a bind for a little while.” Not only did this not answer the question posed, but it’s also not exactly the encouragement someone needs when they’re looking for solutions.


One of the main issues with getting people back to work seems to be the additional unemployment stipend people are receiving from the government. There have been many accounts of people making more money to stay at home and refusing to go back to work as a result, even when the country started reopening.

Several states have moved to end or have ended the extra payments, claiming they did more harm than good for the economy. Others, like Arizona and New Hampshire, have given a back-to-work incentive or bonus to entice people to return to the workforce.

After the town hall event, restaurant owners lashed out at Biden for his comments. After all, in a suffering economy with rising inflation directly affecting the costs of food and other consumer goods, paying employees more isn’t the answer — it’ll simply drive them out of business for good.

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