Judge Rules Democratic Prosecutor Can Target Donald Trump’s Family

Judge Rules Democrats Can Target Donald Trump's Family

(NewsBroadcast.com) – During the New York civil investigation into the business practices of former President Donald Trump and his organization, the state’s Democratic Attorney General Letitia James sent subpoenas to the former president and two of his children for testimony. Although they tried to fight what Trump refers to as a “witch hunt,” Judge Arthur Engoron ordered on February 17, Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump to comply within 21 days. The suit is just one of a barrage of attacks on the previous president, and Trump responded to the latest persecution by stating James has “no case.”

Fox News tweeted about the ruling on Twitter.

Sadly, Trump doesn’t feel he can “get a fair hearing” because the judges allegedly hate him in New York, and the Democratic attorney general is simply trying to cost him time and money.

James’ filing claims that the Trumps deliberately misvalued assets to procure loans and avoid taxes for years. Donald Trump says he is innocent of all charges, but James claimed she amassed a great amount of evidence to prove her case. Following Engoron’s ruling, a Trump Organization spokeswoman said the “entire system” is corrupt, and the Trump family lawyers accused James of exhibiting politically bias against the Trumps and their business interests.

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