Kim Jong-un Spy Photos Show What His Regime Is Hiding

Kim Jong Un Spy Photos Show What His Regime Is Hiding

Kim Jong Un Suprising “SPY PHOTOS” Released To Public.

( – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been known as the Hermit Kingdom since its founding in the years following World War II. Kim Jong-un is the current dictator who believes himself and his country to be a world power and has been known to build huge facilities for weapon manufacturing. A freelance analyst believes he has found an extremely large installation near the nation’s northern border with China.

Jacob Bogle was looking at satellite imagery of the Kanggye General Tractor Plant and noticed features that lead him to conclude there is a sprawling underground plant in that location. His estimate puts it at 176,000 m² (~1,900,000 ft.²/43 acres), which would allow it to accommodate roughly 20,000 workers.

In November 1991 it was the site of a massive explosion that South Korea estimates killed more than 1,000 employees, of course, the North never announced that number, nor acknowledged the blast at all. It was so powerful that before and after images suggest it blew out a kilometer-wide section of the mountain, underneath which it is buried. In spite of that setback, western intelligence agencies believe it is one of the linchpins of the dictator’s weapons program central to his development of Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), among other high-tech systems.

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