New Missile Test by Russia Should Be “Wake Up Call” for Joe Biden

New Missile Test by Russia Should Be "Wake Up Call" for Joe Biden

( – Ever since President Joe Biden took office, various nations have tested his backbone and determination through discussions, provocations, and sometimes even military movements. The latest round of intimidation tactics came from Russia when they launched an Earth-based missile and destroyed a Soviet-era satellite.

On Monday, November 15, Russia used a missile to destroy their 1982 Tselina-D satellite, which was the first test of such technology by the nation. The explosion resulted in over 1,500 pieces of large space debris and uncountable smaller debris that is now flying around in outer space.

US Space Command commander General James Dickinson highlighted the fact this military strike demonstrated “a deliberate disregard for the security, safety, stability, and long-term sustainability of the space domain for all nations.” The debris created from the explosion will threaten nearly all space activities for years to come.

The Washington Examiner shared how this test followed a similar one from China earlier this year:

If Biden does not respond, Russia will assume it gets a free pass for creating such havoc in outer space. Understandably, many lawmakers and military generals are hoping he stands up to this bold act from Russia with a strong message or move of his own. However, given Biden’s track record, it seems unlikely such a reaction will occur.

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