Newsom’s Latest Gun Law Is a Direct Challenge to Supreme Court

Newsom’s Latest Gun Law Is a Direct Challenge to Supreme Court

This New Gun Law Could Rock The Supreme Court

( – In 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a law into effect regarding abortions that banned nearly all procedures after roughly 6 weeks of pregnancy. It also allowed private citizens to file civil lawsuits against anyone who performs or “aids and abets” a termination. When challenged, the Supreme Court did not stop the law from taking effect — and that gave another governor an idea.

In the 2021 case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson the Supreme Court ruled that because the abortion law cuts state officials out of the loop on enforcement, federal courts would be unable to block it. Hoping to cash in on the ruling, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is touting a new law in his state, SB-1327, that he says was crafted using the same type of language as the one in Texas but applied to certain types of guns instead.

The law creates a “private right of action for any person against any person” who, among other things, manufactures, sells, imports or transports into California any “firearm lacking a serial number” that requires one by law, an assault weapon or .50 BMG rifle. In other words, everyday citizens can sue other citizens if they feel they are breaking the law.

As further proof that this law is retaliatory for the Texas abortion law, the bill actually contains the following, “The bill [SB -1327] would make these provisions inoperative upon invalidation of a specified law in Texas….” The media is presenting this new law as a direct challenge to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), claiming that it will force the court to apply legal theory consistently, in a way favorable to Newsom’s gun control agenda.

Of course, there is one glaring difference between abortions and guns. In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the court found that the 1973 SCOTUS was incorrect when they declared abortion was a constitutionally protected right in Roe v. Wade. However, multiple times in recent years, the justices have consistently ruled that the Second Amendment is a wide umbrella protecting gun ownership rights in America.

So, do you think Newsom will prevail with his attempt to copy Texas and circumvent the Supreme Court?

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