Plan B Pills Selling Like Hotcakes Post-Roe

Plan B Pills Selling Like Hotcakes Post-Roe

This Pill Is Selling Out Nationwide

( – Now that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has overturned Roe v. Wade and has left the decision on the legality of abortions to Congress and the states, women are turning to alternative measures. The result is an uptick in sales of traditional and emergency contraceptives, as well as increased interest in the so-called abortion pill.

Known as Plan B® or the morning-after pill, the active ingredient levonorgestrel is a hormone that can be taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex or where a traditional method may have failed (like a broken condom.) This is not an abortion-inducing medication; it prevents pregnancy by either preventing the release of an egg or by stopping fertilization. A number of stores, including CVS and RiteAid, are limiting purchases because of the increased demand.

The abortion pill is a 2-dose system, mifepristone and misoprostol, that is approved to be used within 70 days of the onset of pregnancy and it aborts the fetus. The medication accounts for more than half of all abortion procedures in the United States and would fall under any bans imposed by the states. However, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a statement that they are not allowed to restrict the use of FDA-approved medications.

Garland appears to be preparing for battle against the states that are limiting the use of the pill. Do you support the White House using taxpayer dollars to fight states after the SCOTUS made it clear the decision should be left to them?

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