Prince William Shares Christmas Day Memory

Prince William Shares Christmas Day Memory

( – Some people like to imagine what life as an English royal is like and what extravagant perks they get to enjoy. But, as Prince William recently recalled a Christmas Day memory from his childhood, listeners realized that royal children are really not too different from their own.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, recently spoke on an episode of Apple Fitness’ podcast “Time to Walk.” The Duke reminisced about a Christmas Day service at Mary Magdalene Church where he had to sit facing his cousins. He noted it was “quite difficult to keep a straight face at times” with his relatives’ antics.

He also shared how relieved he was that no one filmed the service, so their silliness was not displayed to the world. Prince William did emphasize that “it’s fun to have a giggle and enjoy yourself,” especially with family around the holidays.

HELLO! Magazine shared more about the memories that the Duke recalled on Twitter:

Hopefully, Prince William is not the only one able to recall delightful memories of family gatherings around Christmas this year. Of course, after such a tumultuous year, remember that it’s never too late to invite a few friends or family members over for a holiday gathering and make more beautiful memories this year.

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