Prince William Supports Scheme to Push Propaganda With TV Networks

Prince William Supports Scheme to Push Propaganda With TV Networks

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( – Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, second in line for the British throne appeared on television to praise the producers of TV programs in his country, and not because they are quality entertainment. No, he thanked them for inserting messages about a topic near and dear to all Liberals’ hearts: climate change.

As part of a recorded message played at the BAFTA awards (the UK version of the Oscars and Emmys,) the prince said television producers have a “unique opportunity” to make sure discussions about “climate change and sustainability” are at the forefront of “our collective consciousness.” He went on to say they have can do that by creating “innovative, educational and emotive content” for television, they can create a situation where everyone wants to talk about the issue.

Critics slammed the duke for encouraging television producers to add subliminal messages to programming. That’s a technique the media often uses to convey a point or convince someone to purchase something without them realizing they are being targeted. Steve Milloy, a member of former President Donald Trump’s transition team, called Prince William’s suggestion “brainwashing.”

Having an open discussion about climate change is one thing but adding “emotive” messages to a television program in order to manipulate a viewer is an entirely different beast.

Are subliminal messages about climate change something Britons really need in their television programming?

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