Republican Star Admits He Experimented With Drugs in the 90s

Republican Star Admits He Experimented With Drugs in the 90s

( – It seems many politicians have a few regrets in their past, although most try to avoid talking about such subjects at all costs. But, one Republican star is taking a different route. Fox News host Larry Kudlow recently confirmed reports of his drug and alcohol abuse in the 1990s.

During a recent segment of Fox News’ late-night talk show Gutfeld!, Kudlow spoke with host Greg Gutfeld about whether men or women are more emotional. Kudlow quickly confirmed that “without question, I am.” The former Director of the National Economic Council under Donald Trump then went on to talk about how he “went literally stark-raving mad” while doing drugs, and his wife helped him out.

Mediaite shared more of the banter between the two personalities:

It turns out, Kudlow took a medical leave of absence from his Wall Street firm, Bear Stearns, to address his alcohol and substance abuse problem in the early 90s. In an interview after the fact, he highlighted isolation, peer pressure, availability, and exhaustion as contributing factors to his issues. However, he emphasized that honesty, accountability, and connection brought him out. Hopefully, that can be the success story of anyone else dealing with substance abuse in their life.

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