Taliban Reiterates Message: There Will Be No Withdrawal Extensions

Taliban Reiterates Message: There Will Be No Withdrawal Extensions

(NewsBroadcast.com) – When President Joe Biden ordered US troops to swiftly evacuate Afghanistan, he vastly underestimated how quickly the Taliban would take over the struggling nation. Now, the US military is working overtime to evacuate US citizens and Afghans from the terrorist-controlled nation. However, it remains uncertain whether or not they will be able to get everyone they want to safety before the Taliban begins cracking down on its citizens.

On Tuesday, August 24, CIA Director William Burns met with the Taliban’s current leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul to discuss evacuations. In a hardline move, the Taliban declared that they would hold President Biden to his original August 31 deadline to stop all evacuations from the nation. During the G7 Summit, also on Tuesday, President Biden said he wouldn’t push back against the Taliban’s demands.

While the US military joined forces with civilian contractors to evacuate over 21,600 people from Afghanistan, many still worry troops won’t get all US citizens and eligible Afghans out before the Taliban tightens up security even more.

According to Major General Hank Taylor, evacuation flights are taking off about every 45 minutes. Still, officials are having trouble getting a count of how many US citizens and Afghans they need to evacuate by the August 31 deadline. Thankfully, our US servicemen and women have trained hard for demanding situations like this, and we must hope and pray they can do everything in their power to our citizens’ homes.

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