This Apartment Has Become Viral on TikTok

This Apartment Has Become Viral on TikTok

( – Housing prices have skyrocketed for many Americans since 2020, forcing families to switch homes or apartments in search of something more affordable. However, most people still want a sense of normalcy wherever they go. In New York City, where the average studio apartment costs between $1,700 and $3,250 a month though, some people may have to accept a few quirks for a good deal. One might be having a shower in the living room.

Real Estate agent Claudia Degteva recently shared a video of an NYC apartment for rent on TikTok, highlighting its mere $2,200 dollar rent. However, the trade-off is that residents will have a glass-door shower in the living room. The New York Post shared a snapshot from the video:

One commenter acknowledged that a landlord may have created the living room shower after splitting a larger apartment into two in order to make extra money. Yet, another woeful commenter wondered if the architects were drunk when making the plans.

Some city dwellers overlooked the apartment’s major quirk, highlighting that it had windows, exposed brick, and a decent price for a sizable kitchen, too. These amenities are often rare in NYC’s apartments.

So, while most of America scoffs at the funny bathroom arrangement, there are many New Yorkers willing to rent this now-famous apartment for the meager $2,200 price tag.

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