This Powerful New Weapon Could Stop Putin

This Powerful New Weapon Could Stop Putin

This Powerful New Weapon Could END Putin’s Invasion

( – On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion in an attempt to conquer his neighbor to the west, Ukraine. The Western allies, including the United States, quickly denounced the move and began leveling economic sanctions on the country, but they have also been supplying weapons and training for Ukrainian troops. To help counter the extensive use of artillery units by the Russians, the US has sent 90 Lightweight 155mm Howitzers (LW155), designated the M777 systems to the defenders.

According to the United States Army webpage, these mobile units intended for frontline deployment weigh in at roughly 10,000 pounds and can be set up or taken down in under 3 minutes by well-trained crews. Using a doctrine known as “shoot and scoot,” these guns can launch a rocket-assisted 155mm shell to a target up to approximately 18 miles (30 km) away, then quickly be moved before an enemy’s return fire can isolate the weapons.

One of the biggest hurdles faced in deploying these cannons is having enough trained soldiers to operate the weapons. So, the United States is providing a six-day training course in Germany, the New York Times reports. Also, it says that the first ~12 units being used on the front lines have sent almost 1,900 rounds at Russian targets, destroying several armored vehicles and killing dozens of invading soldiers.

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