Trump Jr. Announces Huge Endorsement

Trump Jr. Announces Huge Endorsement

( – Representative Morris “Mo” Brooks Jr. (R-AL) currently serves Alabama’s 5th congressional district and is running for a seat in the Senate in November. On February 7, Donald Trump Jr. announced his support of Brooks for the Senate over his two competitors that Jr. describes as RINOs.

According to former President Donald Trump’s son, the Alabama legislator is a solid Conservative whose aim is the America First mission. In his statement, Trump Jr. said Brooks doesn’t care about “being popular;” he only wants to make life better for “hard-working American families.”

Brooks posted about his glowing endorsement from the Trump family on Twitter.

Unsubstantiated rumors surfaced about Trump Sr. pulling back on his support for the lawmaker, but his son’s announcement confirms that he and his father stand behind Brooks’ run for senator. According to his fundraising letter, Brooks wants to close the borders, put America first, and protect the unborn.

Following the endorsement, Brooks’ campaign spokesman responded by calling Trump Jr. an “incredible asset,” adding that they look forward to a victory in May. He thanked the Trumps and “patriots in Alabama” in advance for their support. Republicans in the Yellowhammer State will vote on May 24 and conduct a runoff election on June 21, if needed.

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