Trump’s Makes Policy Statements Regarding Issues Affecting Americans

Trump's Makes Policy Statements Regarding Issues Affecting Americans

Trump Issues Policy In Support Of Americans

( – Former President Donald Trump took the stage on Tuesday, July 26, and laid out his ideas on hot-button domestic issues. Speaking at the America First Policy Institute Summit, he focused on drugs and narcotics-related crime. He also offered thoughts on how to tackle tough issues plaguing the nation’s cities.

Trump’s plan to deal with drugs and the crime they create is to go directly to the source, with force, and root it out. He insists that police in America know where the drug dealers, traffickers, and users live, but are powerless to do anything about it. He believes that, with the proper authority, officers could go into every place drugs happen and stop the flow.

The former president spoke about traffickers specifically, labeling them responsible for 200,000 deaths per year. His plan to deal with the issue is to advocate for harsh prosecution and capital sentences for those belonging to “narco-terrorist cartels.”

The focus then moved to the problems caused by addiction. According to the former president, homelessness in America is primarily an urban problem caused by drugs. He believes people living in those conditions should be arrested for crimes or detained and forced into treatment.

Trump addressed the overall issue of the homeless in America’s cities with a plan to buy large parcels of cheap land on the outskirts of towns where medical personnel and other professionals can set up elaborate, inexpensive camps. Permanent structures for bathrooms, dining, and administration would be accompanied by as many high-quality tents necessary to solve the problem for the entire city in question.

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