U.S. Military Leader Says Some Big Attacks Are Coming From Drones

U.S. Military Leader Says Some Big Attacks Are Coming From Drones

(NewsBroadcast.com) – Prior to 9/11, Americans kept the idea of a mass-casualty attack by a hijacked plane confined within the storylines of a Tom Clancy novel. However, technology has been quickly moving forward in the past few decades, creating numerous new ways for people to cause chaos without having to steal a plane. One top US official recently shared that drones could be the next avenue terrorists use to wreak havoc on others.

On Tuesday, November 9, Newsweek published an article after interviewing an unnamed official that detailed how unmanned aircraft systems, commonly called drones, could easily cause mass casualties due to their discrete nature and ability to carry explosives. The official emphasized he did not have “specific knowledge” of any such events on the horizon, but it is a topic given quite a bit of consideration among top military officials these days.

Newsweek senior writer Tom O’Connor shared more from the discussion on Twitter:

In recent years, countries have used drones in attacks on heads of state, including the recent attack on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi. Drones are inexpensive and difficult to detect, making them the perfect weapon in this modern era. However, it is vital to remember that the US military clearly understands this threat and is constantly developing strategies, technology, and plans to combat these dangers. Only through detecting such threats can our top officials proactively fight to keep our nation safe.

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