Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Wants a Meeting With China

Ukraine's Zelenskyy Wants a Meeting With China

Ukraine MEETING With China? – Zelenskyy Goes Public!

( – On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin unleashed his military forces on Ukraine, and more than five months later, one major player in world politics has not condemned his actions: China. The Eastern European nation’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, believes that his Asian counterpart President Xi Jinping could help persuade the Kremlin to end the war.

Country after country penalized the move of the former KGB agent by levying political and economic sanctions against Russia. Beijing, however, has not followed suit and has seemed to legitimatize Putin’s public statements at different points throughout the conflict.

Zelenskyy is once again asking for direct talks between himself and Jinping in the hopes that fighting can be put to rest. The answer seems to be the same as it has been since the invasion was launched — thanks, but no thanks.

The government of Xi Jinping has voted against measures that have been brought up before the United Nations (UN) and have echoed the Kremlin’s line about the invasion being a proactive response to NATO expansions in the region. However, the Ukrainian leader still believes that China “could come down and sort of put the Russian Federation in a certain place,” he said in a comment made to the South China Morning Post.

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