US Army Tried To Drop This Age-Old Tradition

US Army to No Longer Require a High School Diploma

U.S. Army Tried To DROP This Age-Old Tradition

( – “Be all you can be,” “An Army of One,” “Army strong!” These are the most recent taglines used by the United States Army in ads to try and entice people to enlist and serve. Now, however, it seems to be almost on its knees, begging people from Generation Z to join up and fill its rapidly depleting ranks.

In its latest attempt, the Army had temporarily dropped its requirement that new recruits have a high school diploma or a GED before joining up. Recruits still needed to be at least 18 years old, achieve a score of 50 or better on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), and agree to attend (“ship to”) basic training before the end of the fiscal year 2022 on October 1.

If the Baby Boomers think that it’s strictly a lack of enthusiasm on the youngsters’ part keeping them from signing up, then they might find themselves surprised at some of the main problems. According to a report from the Heritage Foundation using 2017 Pentagon data, approximately three-quarters of Americans ages 17-24 couldn’t enlist, even if they were inclined to do so. The listed reasons for disqualification include:

  • 32% because of health (including mental) problems
  • 27% due to their physical fitness levels
  • 25% don’t meet the education level
  • 10% have criminal records that disqualify them

UPDATE: As of 6/30, according to an internal memo that was reviewed by, the Army reversed its decision (after only a week), and is going back to requiring a high school diploma or a GED. With recruitment so far below what it needs, not just in the Army but in other divisions as well, the military will hopefully come up with a new program to attract our young men and women and keep our armed forces strong.

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