Scientists Have Just Uncovered a Way To Treat Hearts After Heart Attacks

Scientists Have Just Uncovered a Way To Treat Hearts After Heart Attacks

Scientists May Have Just “SOLVED” The Most Deadly Side Effect Of Heart Attacks

( – When a human has a heart attack, the damaged tissues commonly die, leaving that person vulnerable to future heart issues. A recent Canadian study of zebrafish may change all that. In fact, scientists may have found a way to mimic in humans how this particular fish regenerates tissue after it sustains heart damage.

Researchers in the study found that when zebrafish sustain an injury to the heart, its body ramps up the production of the vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C). The factor then activates the Emilin2a protein and the Cxcl8a gene, which actually causes the body to work on the repair.

When testing the process in mice, scientists injected VEGF-C in their abdomens to see if the creature’s heart vessels would repair themselves — they did. The results were a beacon of hope that researchers could use the same technique in human patients. They surmised that if the VEGF-C injection didn’t work to stimulate the proper repair in human hearts, scientists could try using the Emilin2a protein instead.

With this discovery, it may be possible for scientists to develop a way to assist the human heart in repairing its own coronary vessels, eliminating scar tissue that can weaken pathways to and from the essential organ.

Do you think scientists should continue down this discovery path to see what other parts it may be able to help humans regenerate?

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