Couple Slammed for Wearing “Innapropriate” Outfit to Disneyland

Couple Slammed for Wearing "Innapropriate" Outfit to Disneyland

( – Many businesses have signs posted on their front door instructing potential guests with the following: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” However, such a simple statement doesn’t speak to just what the shirt in question can or cannot say. A couple recently sparked a hot internet debate around this topic when they wore “inappropriate” t-shirts to Disneyland.

On Friday, October 22, former Disney creative designer Sam Carter shared a photo on Twitter of a couple attending Disney’s California theme park with shirts suggestive shirts, shown here:

Disney fans quickly chimed in with their opinions on the shirts, calling them “tacky,” “disturbed,” and “inappropriate.” Many Twitter users questioned why the couple would choose to wear these shirts to a theme park marketed towards children.

On Disney’s website, the company highlights it can deny entry or remove anyone “wearing attire [Disney officials] consider inappropriate” or detract from other guests’ experience at the theme park. However, Disney did not comment on the shirts or remove the guests from the park.

Perhaps, though, the scorn of tens of thousands of Americans on Twitter will keep this couple from donning these shirts again at any spot where children are ever present.

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