Doctor Diagnoses Someone With “Climate Change”

Doctor Diagnoses Someone With "Climate Change"

( – Heatstroke, asthma, and dehydration are all ailments doctors may write down on a patient’s chart as factors in their distress, or even death. However, one Canadian doctor thought these diagnoses were not quite enough to paint a full picture of his nation’s health. Rather than putting down one of these well-known ailments, he diagnosed his patient with “climate change.”

The summer of 2021 brought intense heat to Canada’s inland region and perilous wildfires that covered the land under immense amounts of smog and smoke. Doctors across provinces saw community members coming in with asthma, diabetes, and heart issues acting up among the heat and poor air quality. Fed up with the heat spell, Dr. Kyle Merritt finally diagnosed one of his patients with “climate change.” choosing to blame the ailments on the region’s increasing temperatures.

Toronto Sun reporter Bryan Passifiume used his platform to poke fun at the doctor’s diagnosis:

While intense heat and increasing air pollution are real problems people must deal with all around the world, Merritt used his patient to push his own agenda surrounding climate change. Hopefully, the individual in question still got treated for whatever their actual ailment was, as “climate change” doesn’t have a prescription to clear it up overnight.

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