Lara Trump Says Trump Exuded Strength Which Kept America’s Enemies Away

Lara Trump Says Trump Exuded Strength Which Kept America's Enemies Away

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his military incursion into Ukraine in hopes of installing a Russia-friendly government there, much like he did when he “annexed” the Crimea region in 2014. Former President Donald Trump’s daughter, Lara Trump recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity. As one might expect, the topic of the timing of the invasion arose during their discussion.

As Lara explained, “nobody” wanted to mess with her father-in-law with his strong “America First” approach to foreign policy. “He exuded strength,” she explained, adding that unfortunately the world faces a completely different posture from President Joe Biden’s administration.

Lara attributes the conflict in Ukraine to Biden’s overall weakness, calling his presidency “inept.” She also accused him of “[making] decisions base on emotion and not fact.” She concluded her remarks noting that Putin never would have launched a large-scale military operation during Trump’s time in office.

Shoring up her remarks is the fact that Putin’s previous aggression took place while Barack Obama occupied the Oval Office. However, during Trump’s first term in office, he put his expansionist tendencies on hold. Why? Because there was, to paraphrase, a man leading the United States that Putin knew would not brook any nonsense.

What do you think about the situation in Ukraine? Do you think Biden bears part of the blame?

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