Putin’s Latest “Setback” Could Change the Ukraine War

Putin’s Latest “Setback” Could Change the Ukraine War

Putin’s Latest “Setback” Could Change The War

(NewsBroadcast.com) – According to Greek mythology, Achilles was the son of a sea nymph (goddess) and a mortal, and when the mother dipped him in the River Styx to make him immortal, she failed to immerse one heel and that left him vulnerable. Another legend says his remains were brought to Zmiiniy Island (a.k.a. Snake Island, Ukraine). Now that the Russian forces of President Vladimir Putin have been run off of the tiny piece of land, some are wondering if this will be his “Achilles’ heel.”

The 42 acres of ground that make up Snake Island, sit at a strategic spot in the Black Sea, which is likely why the Kremlin moved on it early in the conflict. This is where the RFS Moskva ordered defenders to surrender and, in a now-viral response, they were bluntly told to “go [expletive] yourself,” by a Ukrainian soldier.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that leaving the island was a goodwill gesture to show they are not stopping grain and other products from being exported by Ukraine, at least according to the government-controlled news agency Tass. Western experts are expressing doubts about the sincerity of their motives and whether or not they left of their own free will since the Russian Navy still effectively controls the seas in the region.

Because of the defiance of a Ukrainian soldier back in February, the island has become a national symbol and analysts say the invaders were forced off and didn’t leave voluntarily. Experts claim the continued use of advanced artillery and weapons like the Harpoon and Exocet missile systems provided to Ukraine by NATO was the real reason Putin’s forces tucked their tails between their legs and scampered off.

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