School Where Jill Biden Works Threatened With Bomb

School Where Jill Biden Volunteers Threatened With Bomb

( – Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D., is the only First Lady of the United States to hold a paying job outside the confines of the White House, working as a teacher in the English department at the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). The First Lady’s work routine recently suffered a disruption when an unknown individual threatened the school with a bomb.

On Tuesday, March 29, Jill Biden’s press secretary told members of the press that an anonymous bomb threat had been called into the campus before Mrs. Biden had even left 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She added that “at no point was [the first lady] in any danger.”

NOVA’s communication director Dawn Selak told reporters that officials notified the police of the bomb threat, and “out of an abundance of caution,” officials decided to shut down the campus for the day.

The school also posted a notice on its website and social media accounts advising students to avoid the campus grounds and “follow [the] instructions of authorities.”

Later in the evening, NOVA posted an update advising that the bomb threats “were deemed not credible” and that classes would resume on March 30.

The NOVA Police Department has not provided much information on the nature of the threat, including whether or not it was related to Jill Biden’s employment. NOVA officials are currently working with federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities in their ongoing investigation.

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